Commercial Solar Solutions

Our solar installation for businesses require zero upfront costs and zero risk is carried by the individual. Payment is based on our system performance.

Commercial solar power system

Commercial & Business Solar Solutions

From solar car ports to mW systems, our range of commercial solar solutions will have every option covered!

Statistically, electricity prices have increased exponentially and will continue to do so. With these price increases and the dwindling supply of fossil fuels, thousands of companies are making the smart move to utilize renewable energy sources. Standard operating hours for businesses are during sunlight hours, this makes them prime candidates for extreme cost reduction on their electricity levies after the installation of a LST system.

We offer various systems that will be tailor-made to suit your requirements:

  • ♦ Grid-tie: Generate power during sunlight hours.
  • ♦ Hybrid: Combination of the Grid-tie & Battery Back-up system.
  • ♦ Off-Grid: Make solar energy your only form of power.
  • ♦ Battery Back-up: Keep your essential loads running when there is no grid available.
  • ♦ Solar car ports: Utilizing the surface area of your above-ground parking areas. Shade for cars as well as supporting the solar panels to generate your energy.
  • ♦ Petrol Station Solar Solutions: Reduce your high electricity costs and make the most out of your unused roof space with our uniquely designed Petrol Station Solar Solutions.
  • ♦ Off Grid Container Solutions: Turn your on-site office into a complete, self-sufficient work space.

If cash flow is a problem for business owners to purchase these systems, there need be no worry as we offer a custom finance option. The system will be installed on your premises and you will then immediately start saving on electricity, at the same time there will be monthly installments for the systems - which in some cases cancel each other out, therefore leading to a free system. Alternatively, you can finance your system by increasing the bond on the premises, giving you lower interest rates on the payment plan.

Once the system is paid off, the solar system is then an investment as it increases the value of your premises!


Once the solar system is paid off, it is then an investment that increases the value of your property!