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Light and Sensor Technology is an approved Energy Services Company (ESCO) based in Durban and Johannesburg. LST has completed a number of successful energy saving projects for some of South Africa's top companies - saving them millions each year in electricity bills. Our state-of the-art products and services are sourced from the world's leading lighting and sensor manufacturers. Our highly skilled staff carry out energy audits to clients around South Africa and follow through to the installation and roll-out of every project - providing cost saving turnkey solutions.

If your company has not looked at ways to conserve power, talk to us.

Electricity demand in South Africa is continually growing, with the business sector being the largest user. As an ESCO, our experience and highly trained staff can assist you in any energy saving application.

Every sector of South African industry has the potential to reduce their electricity bills, including factories, offices, mining houses, malls, municipalities and even residential developments. We will assess your needs and provide you with the smartest solution to save your business money.

We provide the following services:

  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's)
  • Conducting professional energy audits for any business, anywhere in South Africa.
  • Installation of highly efficient energy saving and lighting products.
  • Installation of occupancy detectors for the automatic control of lights and air conditioners.
  • Supply of the highest quality LED and Induction Lighting Technology.
  • Supply of all electronic control gear for lighting products.
  • Project Management, Installation, COC's.
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of electrical and lighting waste.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve maximum savings on their monthly electricity bill, leading to increased profitability and reduced operating costs.

We exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value. LST maximizes the efficiency of our clients' lighting systems and improves the operational efficiency of these systems. With innovative products, we make it easy for your company to save energy - not only to reduce energy costs, but also to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Our track record of multiple successful installations has reduced clients' electricity bills. Sizeable savings on electricity usage will have a positive impact on your balance sheet, as well as other added benefits - such as:

  • Improved property value,
  • more attractive rental value,
  • higher level of security,
  • lower peak demand on the grid,
  • a buffer against Eskom price increases,
  • a healthier working environment, and
  • a greater contribution to environmental responsibility.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes LST the ideal choice for any energy saving lighting project.

What is a Professional Energy Audit?

An energy efficiency audit is an energy savings study conducted by a professional ESCO (Energy Services Company) to determine the current energy efficiency of a business site. The ESCO examines and analyses the accuracy of the electricity bills, analyses the energy efficiency of the building structures, plus the energy consuming equipment together with the energy consuming practices.

The ESCO then prepares a comprehensive Energy Audit Report, which makes custom-designed, cost-effective recommendations for energy efficient improvements to ensure lower electricity bills.

More about Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's) here.