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Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy and motion detectors

What are occupancy sensors?

An occupancy sensor is an electronic device that is able to detect motion and recognize when a person has entered a room. There are various occupancy sensing technologies, but the most common are passive infrared, microwave, ultrasonic, and video image processing.

Typically ceiling mounted, the sensors are usually connected to building management systems and can automate systems for lighting, HVAC, and ventilation control whilst providing data for occupancy analytics systems to understand desk usage, meeting room efficiency and space utilization.

Energy-saving potentials

Reduce energy consumption and increase comfort at the same time - this is possible with presence-controlled building automation. Once commissioned the system works automatically in the background: this means, for example, that the lighting is automatically switched and dimmed, the room temperature or the cooling capacity is reduced when rooms are not in use or when optimal natural conditions already prevail.

Turning the lights off may still work in private households, but the larger a building is, the less users feel responsible. Especially in large buildings such as commercial buildings, industrial halls, warehouses, car parks, hospitals, hotels and public buildings, lighting control should work automatically as soon as an area is in use.

A person in a public building may not want to touch the wall switch in a toilet, and dark corridors and halls do not offer safety. During office work or lessons in a classroom, there is rarely the opportunity to notice that there is enough natural light and to switch off the lighting. In buildings without building automation, this has so far meant that safety and comfort are compromised and the lighting is permanently on.

Thus, for example, savings of up to 50 % can be made in an office building, up to 60 % in a high-bay warehouse and up to 80 % in wash rooms.

Why LST?

Our state-of the-art products are sourced from the world's leading sensor manufacturers.

Quality and Service are key words for us. Because only firms that offer premium-quality long-lasting products ensure satisfied customers. And good service ensures satisfied partners. For any questions, our technical service department will be happy to help.


Light and Sensor Technology is the only approved agent for B.E.G. products in Southern Africa.

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