Occupancy detector, master with two switching channels for two separate
light measurement zones, DALI dim function and 360° detection, surface mounted.
One additional independent control channel.

Two independent DALI channels AND one independent light switching channel
Automatic reading of the actual light level through both channels
Switching of panel lighting by potential free relay of the detector
Possibility of switching ON/OFF the lighting by remote control
Application examples:
Large rooms with two separate light groups (e.g. near window zone and off window zone)
for example in class rooms or open plan offices

Technical data:
Sensor and power supply in one case
Power supply: 230 V~ +6 % /-10 %
Power consumption: < 1 W
Settings: control dial, DIP switch and remote control
Light values-Remote control: 50 - 750 Lux
Extension of the detection area: with Slaves
Area of coverage: circular 360°
Range Ø H 2.50 m / T = 18°C in m:
- seated 6.4
- tangential 24.0
- radial 8.0
Recommended height for mounting: 2 - 3 m
Light measurement:
Mixed light, daylight + artificial light
Lux values-Potentiometer: 10 - 1200 Lux
Channel 1 for light-connection
Type of contact:
NOC / with pretravel tungsten contact
Contact load: 3000 W, 230 V~,
16 A cosf = 1, 1150 VA cosf = 0.5
2 DIM-Outputs: DALI
Max. no. of series-connected electronic ballasts per channel:
Max. 50 electronic ballasts by one single supply with max.100 m cable run.
Time-settings: 1 - 60 min. / Test
Dimensions: Ø 124 x H 85 mm
Degree of protection /class: IP20 / II/ CE
Ambient temperature: -25°C to +50°C

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