Occupancy detector LUXOMAT® PD4-S-SM, Slave with circular detection area,
surface mounted

Designed only for operation in combination with a master LUXOMAT® PD4-M.
The investment costs can be reduced considerably especially for monitoring of big areas.
One master occupancy detector is necessary for controlling light and HVAC,
whereas the slightest movements are detected by the slaves in any part of the room.
No limitation of the number of the slaves.
When a movement is detected, the slave transmits an impulse to the master.
The movement is detected independently of light level.
The slave occupancy detector operates with a factory preset value of amplification.

Technical data PD4-S-AP
Control and power unit in one single housing
Detection area: circular 360°
Range (Ø) H=2,5m/T=18°C in m:
seated 6
walking across 24
walking towards 8
Power voltage: 230V~ + 6%/-10%
Power consumption: < 1W
Ambient temperature: -25°C / +50°C
Protection degree/class: IP54 / II / CE

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