Occupancy detector LUXOMAT® PD1-M-DIM-SM, master as dim-version,
with square size detection area, surface mounted.

Unique occupancy detector remotely controllable, with 360° detection area,
for surveillance of the interior of buildings.
Energy saving potentials of up to 80%.
Possibility of switching ON/OFF the lighting by remote control.
Automatic reading of the actual light level.
Switching for all types of light fixtures by high performance relay.
Switching of other loads e.g. HVAC by potential free relay of the detector.
Constant light control.
Compact design, power supply and control unit in one cabinet.
Semi-automatic and full automatic mode.

Technical data PD1-M-AP

Manual and remote control
Installation in parallel mode Master/Slave
Detection area: square 4x90°
Range (Ø) H=2,5m/T=18°C in m:
seated 4,5 x 4,5
walking across 7,5 x 7,5
walking towards 4,2 x 4,2
Power voltage: 230V~ + 6%/-10%
Power consumption: < 1W
Ambient temperature: -25°C / +50°C
Protection degree/class: IP54 / II / CE

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