Occupancy and light sensors explained:

The sensors respond to motion, switching lights on, when entering an area. When leaving the area it is not immediately plunged into darkness, the lights switch off at a predetermined time. The time delay may be adjusted. Sensors measure light levels in the room and dim or switch off the lights, should sufficient natural light be available. The sensors may be set to control office air conditioners for even higher energy saving. The 'on time' of the air conditioners, may be selected via a second channel time setting. These features are all selected via a simple to use remote control. (No step ladders or tools needed.)


  • Energy management
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Automatically switch off lights when not required
  • High energy saving
  • Prolonged lamp life
  • Convenience
  • Safety

The ceiling mount Passive Infrared Timer timer is activated on detection of moving body heat, switching on the lighting, which stays on during the selected time period. If body heat is no longer detected the timer switches off the lighting once the time period has elapsed. Should moving body heat be detected during the time period, the timing sequence restarts until moving body heat is no longer detected and the lighting is switched off.

A Lux Level Adjuster means an integral light sensor can be adjusted to keep lighting switched off when sufficient ambient light is available.

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