Remote control LUXOMAT® IR-PD-DIM

Remote control LUXOMAT® IR-PD-DIM for occupancy detectors LUXOMAT® PD1, PD2 & PD4 as dim-version

Without using a ladder all the parameters like lightlevel, timedelay etc. can be adjusted from the ground by means of the infrared remote control.
More important: without having any idea from LUX or the light level the actual light value can be read in.
The detection area can easily be detected by pressing on the TEST Button. Protection of the settings is made by a double locking of the LUXOMAT® which is of interest in schools.
By pressing the “min/max”- button the dimming function is activated and any value of brightness between 10 – 100% can be adjusted.
Furthermore with the 20% function a value of 20% of the nominal light can be adjusted as orientation light for a limited timeperiod or for a permanent duration, which is of interest in hotel corridors or in e.g. in retirement homes.

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