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Energy-efficient Luminairs
Turn Lights, Heating and Air-conditioners
on and off automatically
Occupancy Sensors
Fluorescent, Induction & LED luminaires


In order for business to survive in this tough South African climate, we need to be reducing costs and increasing profits.

Every small energy saving act impacts on our often fragile national grid, and the less strain we put on it, the more power we have.
We strive with you to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation
Less energy usage means less fuel is burned or processed and fewer pollutants are emitted.

A company with a clear focus to save energy and reduce your electricity costs with innovation, excellence and trusted technology.
Flat Panel LED light fitting
Dual Technology Occupancy Sensor
  • Assess and audit your company requirements in terms of usage, emissions, risks and future expansion.
  • Supply ideas and information for holistic energy reductions and emissions.
  • Prioritize, implement and manage the energy saving changes.
  • Training and conduct regular reviews with management.
  • Prepaid electricity and water meters.
  • Water heat pump technology.
  • Advice on solar technology.

  • Recommendations from an approved Eskom Energy Services Company (ESCO), established in 1990.
  • State of the art lighting technology with quality performance, protecting your investment.
  • Innovative lighting and lighting control products, including, LED, T5, induction and occupancy sensors to automatically switch lights and air-conditioning on and off.
  • Reduction in costs by up to 80%  - while your electricity bill decreases, your bank balance increases.
  • Free weekly newsletter.
Sometimes it is difficult to understand what small changes mean in the big picture
Energy-Efficient Luminaires
LED Light Fittings
Induction Light Fittings
Occupancy and Light Sensors
Induction Energy Saving Light Fitting
LED flush mount light fitting
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